Why are Streets in Dublin so Scary?

I’m pretty sure I learned to cross the street early on in my life. By the age of the six,  I was a pro. Look left. Look right. Walk.

I’ve never been hit by a car, never been close to getting hit by a car, until I came to Dublin which is quite an accomplishment for the world’s most clumsy person.

But here, I almost have a panic attack every single time I cross the street. Every. Single. Time. There’s something about having to walk and look left and right for two different directions of traffic on a winding street that frightens me.

No, frighten isn’t the right word. Terrifies is better. Crossing streets here feels like playing Russian Rolette, you take a slow step hoping that the next time you chose to walk won’t be your last.

Dublin’s streets had to be designed by some maze magician. The streets run together, they turn into other streets so quickly that it’s pretty hard to comprehend where you are. Oh and street signs are randomly placed on the sides of buildings so you never know where you are.

This is true for both locals and tourists like myself.  I’ve asked many people which street we were on, and they stop, cock their heads to the side and in a sweet Irish accent say, “Well I’m not sure missy.”

And while I love exploring, it has made a slightly difficult when you’re on the verge of a panic attack every time you step outside of your hotel.

You may be reading this thinking to yourself, “Chicago’s streets aren’t well designed.” Which is true, anyone who has ever had to cross Milwaukee Street for any reason can tell you that the person who designed Chicago streets, I’m looking at you, Daniel Burnham had to be on a special kind of drug.

Chicago’s Grid System:


Photo of Daniel Burnham.


Dublin’s streets defy logic at times, besides not knowing where you actually are. Traffic moves quickly. The streets seems to all jumble together and the possibly of an collision happening increases by the minute.

For example, my hotel Camden Court Inn is in a fairly accessible part of the city. But the on either side of the hotel are these sharp winding turns which when you’re crossing or in a cab can be difficult to tell if cars are coming.


Photo Credit

I’d like to say I’ve conquered Dublin’s streets or rather my fear of Dublin’s street but I know as I go out to celebrate my last night here I will be worried about crossing the street.


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