Reflections in Albany Park

I chased a girl through a parking lot. That sounds crazy, I know. But it wasn’t. Before you call the police, here’s how I got there. For the past few weeks, I’ve been reporting in Albany Park. I should correct that statement, by reporting  I mean making the connections with community representatives in the hopes … Continue reading

Koreans move to Mexico?

Andrea Bruce, a reporter from the New York Times wrote a series about Mexico become an immigrant destination and the economic effect that is having on the Mexican economy. The main story from that series is below. ********************************************************************************************************* CrossFit, an exercise gym that was started in the United States, has become widely popular and lucrative in … Continue reading

Korean-Americans in the United States

According to the 2010 census, the cities in the United States with the largest population of Korean-Americans are (in no particular order) Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. The United States houses a total of  1.6 million Korean-Americans. While according to that same census in Illinois the population was recorded at 61,469, though directors at the … Continue reading

Hostage Situations

What would you do if you were kept from your family for 41 years? The answer to that question still remains, but this week Jeon Wook Pyo escaped  from North Korea  back to his homeland of South Korea. Pyo reportedly was one of 25 fisherman abducted in 1967. Many details surrounding  his escape  haven’t been … Continue reading

Choosing Korea

More than anything other experience, I credit my time overseas in during my high school years as the motivator for pursuing a career in journalism. Traveling to Caracas, Venezuela and Qingdao, China allowed me to hear stories of teens my age that transcended country and language barriers. In 2005, I had a 5-hour layover at … Continue reading