South Korea increases security around its border

According to Yonhap News Agency based in Seoul, South Korea, the South Korean government increased security around the northwestern islands to counter any actions by North Korea.

This comes days before the anniversary of Yeonpyeong attack in which North Korea killed two civilians and two marines were killed on the island.

North Korea  said the attack was a response to a live-fire exercise that fell in its waters.

Tensions between the two countries have been rocky as per usual the last few months. Some hoped  the tensions would ease to due the announcement of the reopening  Kaesong Industrial Complex , however since then several other issues have risen including the reported executed of  80 people by North Korean for watching banned television. 

 This is good news for either country, it further helps deteriorate an already fragile relationship.  North and South Korea have a bloodily, complicated history. Even with small steps  forward like the Industrial Park, there are many steps backward. Much hinges on the threats that North Korea has made against South Korea and the United States. 

An Economist article, explained the state of North Korean missiles, which are it determined are a real threat. The article also said that it believes neither the U.S. or South Korea could stop North Korea, because both have been trying for decades with no solution.

I think there is a way to solve this, but is there a different way to approach the topic of missiles? At one point a relationship between the United States and Vietnam wasn’t imaginable, yet here we are. Foreign relationships are tricky, but not impossible.

Another article, explained the challenges both countries are facing.  It seems that both need each other and surprisingly are oppositely matched in many ways, according to The Economist. But after years of turmoil, neither wants  to admit being wrong or wants to find a way to work together.



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