North Korea expels Second In Command

According to reports, Kim Jong Un has removed his uncle Jang Sung Taek from his position as Jong Un’s second in command. This is the second time that Kim Jong Un has removed his uncle.

The Korea News Agency, ran by the government in North Korea reported that Jang Sung Taek “was soaked with the capitalist lifestyle.”

The public oust could result in more political turmoil because Sung Taek has been many powerful political connections, reported a Los Angeles Times article.

So far, there hasn’t been any reports about what this oust could do to help or hinder U.S.-North Korea relations.


There has been some reaction for China about Jang Sung Taek’s departure.

An NPR story reported:

India’s The Hindustan Times points out that Beijing’s unease with the changed dynamics at the top of the government in Pyongyang were reflected in an editorial in the state-run nationalist tabloid, the Global Times, on Tuesday.

“As Jang was viewed as the second-most powerful figure and is North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s uncle, this announcement is considered a significant political event,” it said.

Even so, the newspaper acknowledged that the two countries “have long taken different paths” and that their mutual interests were not about ideology.

“A friendly relationship between China and North Korea is not only critical to the North, but also a strategic and diplomatic leverage for China. With China’s rise, its diplomatic leverage will become greater, yet the impact of bilateral relations in the Asia-Pacific region is irreplaceable,” the editorial said.


There has been no public reaction from the United States.


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