North Korea expels Second In Command

According to reports, Kim Jong Un has removed his uncle Jang Sung Taek from his position as Jong Un’s second in command. This is the second time that Kim Jong Un has removed his uncle. The Korea News Agency, ran by the government in North Korea reported that Jang Sung Taek “was soaked with the capitalist lifestyle.” … Continue reading

Nothing to Envy

When Barbara Demick moved to Seoul, South Korea as a the Beijing Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times, North Korea was a mystery. The country had media controlled by the state which preached propaganda. Even throughout her reporting there, Demick found it difficult to hone in on the lives of the citizens of North Korea. … Continue reading

85-year old detainee apologizes

As an update to last week’s post, Merrill Newman of Palo Alto, California has not only been confirmed to be in North Korea’s custody, but has issued an apology to the people of the country for “indelible crimes” during the Korean War. “During the Korean War, I have been guilty of a long list of indelible … Continue reading

85-year-old detained in North Korea

Unconfirmed reports of Merrill Newman of Palo Alto, California have circulated around the internet for the last few days. The family of the 85-year-old said he has been detained since Oct. 26th , North Korean officials have  not confirm the identity of the American citizen being detained. Newman, a Korean war veteran and a traveling companion were … Continue reading

South Korea increases security around its border

According to Yonhap News Agency based in Seoul, South Korea, the South Korean government increased security around the northwestern islands to counter any actions by North Korea. This comes days before the anniversary of Yeonpyeong attack in which North Korea killed two civilians and two marines were killed on the island. North Korea  said the attack … Continue reading

Immigrant Driver’s Licenses in Illinois

On Nov. 12th ,non-citizen immigrants have started the process  to apply for “temporary driver’s licenses” in Illinois. This comes a year after Gov. Pat Quinn signed the law into effect. Quinn said the new law will make Illinois roads safer because illegal immigrants will now be forced to take the driver’s test in order to … Continue reading

The Unknown Known

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Chicago International Film Festival to see The Unknown Known,  a documentary film by director Errol Morris. The film centers around  Donald Rumsfeld, the former secretary of defense for several presidential terms in the White House, most controversially during the Iraq war. The film is sliced between interviews with Rumsfeld, as … Continue reading

Reasons to Talk To North Korea–Aggregated from the New York Times

Thought this was pretty important/interesting. As officials in charge of American policy toward North Korea during the Clinton and Obama administrations, we met last month in Europe with senior representatives of the North Korean government to discuss relations between our countries. We believe that the current impasse, which only buys time for North Korea … Continue reading

Wrapping Injustice with A Bow–Zeitoun

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina isn’t as visible eight years later. The photos and stories of that tragic hurricane are for the history books now. The constant news cycle that spit out images left and right of victims on rooftops and charity programs dedicated to the relief aren’t in our headlines. Many faces, many personal … Continue reading


After last week’s struggle, came this week’s breakthrough. Well, perhaps “breakthrough” is a bit strong. But I did  learn a new term: 1.5 The term 1.5 is used to describe immigrants who moved to the United States when their young, they are in between first and second generations and may operate in the middle space … Continue reading